Hasco-Lek Foundation

The Hasco-Lek Foundation was established in 2006 at the initiative of the PPF Hasco-Lek S.A. employees. The objective of the foundation since its beginnings has been to provide support for children.

Since May 2012, the Foundation has been running the campaign “Make Health a Gift to Others”. The collected funds go towards financing hearing aids and rehabilitation for children with hearing impairment. So far, several dozen of hearing aids and over ten rehabilitation camps have been financed. The Foundation has bought 100 specialist psychological tests for the leading Polish outpatient clinics for hearing-impaired children and teenagers.

In 2014, the Foundation joined the “Fairy Tale without Barriers” project to organise workshops for blind and hearing-impaired children. With the help of the Wrocław-based HURT rock band musicians, the kids created the fairy tale’s scenography and characters. The project involved experimenting with and experiencing artistic materials, textures, contrasts, colours, as well as feeling and producing sounds. The kids and the musicians created an animation, with its premiere in June 2014. MiniMini, the most popular Polish children TV channel, was broadcasting the animation for the subsequent two months.

In 2013, the Hasco-Lek Foundation helped the Wrocław ZOO create an audio description track for the blind and partially sighted. As of October 2013, they are able to visit the ZOO on their own and listen to recordings about its dwellers. We founded tablets and readers necessary for the system operation, as well as a touch-panel map, allowing blind people to fully experience the ZOO.

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