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The company attaches particular importance to the respect for your privacy and the protection of the data provided through the use of the Platform, including personal data, thus taking all necessary actions under the applicable law. Your data are collected only for specific lawful purposes, and are not further processed contrary to those purposes. Additionally, the data are substantively correct and fit for the purpose of its processing for no longer than it is necessary for the purpose of their processing.


1. General

1.1. This Privacy Policy sets forth the rules of collection, processing and use of data, including your personal data obtained through the website (hereinafter referred to as “the Platform”) by PPF HASCO-LEK S.A., with its offices in Wrocław, ul. Żmigrodzka 242e, 51-131 Wrocław, being the Personal Data Administrator.

1.2. Personal data are processed by the Company pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 of 16th April 2016 made by European Parliament and Council of the European Union, in regards to the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and rules relating to the free movement of personal data (called GDPR/RODO), and the Act on Rendering Electronic Services of 18th July 2002, with later amendments.


2. Data Collection Scope and Purpose of data processing on the Platform

Statistical Analytics for the Platform visits:

Scope of data processing:

a) Cookies (cookies identifiers, addresses of Internet Protocols, device identifiers).

Purpose of data processing:

a) Collected logs are stored by PPF HASCO-LEK S.A. as auxiliary material being used to administer the service. Log information isn't disclosed to nobody apart from persons authorised to administrate the server. Statistics generated to help in administering can be based on logs files. Collective summaries such as statistics contain no features identifying persons visiting the service.

Legal base for processing of data:

a) Personal data is processed based on the: Article 6, paragraph 1 f) GDPR - processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interest of an administrator.

Your personal data will be stored for 50 months.


3. Sharing Information

3.1. Personal data can be entrusted for processing to other entities, what comes from the specificity of the Platform’s functioning. It happens only after signing by the Administrator the written agreement of entrusting with some other entity.

3.2. In other cases than mentioned above and in any other form personal data can not be revealed to other persons or other entities, if you don't give consent to it.


4. How can I exercise my rights?

PPF HASCO-LEK S.A. obeys obligations coming from GDPR to the persons, which data is processed.

4.1. You have a right to access to your data, correct it, remove it or limit the processing of your personal data.

4.2. You have a right to make an objection to processing your personal information.

4.3. You have a right to transfer the data, to withdraw the agreement for processing your personal information at any moment without the influence on the legality of processing it, which happened before withdrawing the agreement.

4.4. You have the right to file a complaint to a supervisory authority, when you find processing of personal data infringing GDPR rights.

4.5. Your personal information isn’t a subject to an automated actions, including profiling.

4.6. Your personal information won't be relay to another country/international organization.

4.7. It is possible to exercise rights mentioned above by sending a request to the address of the Data Protection Supervisor - Administrator will exercise indicated rights, if there will be no circumstances authorizing the Administrator to process them what you will be informed about.


5. Technical and organizational Measures

5.1. The company applies the highest diligence to secure your data and protect it from unauthorised use.

5.2. Before getting the access to personal data all persons cooperating with the Company receive appropriate authorization and are signing the statement obliging to keep this information confidential. The company implemented documentation concerning the protection of personal data.

5.3. The platform is ensuring the technical possibility of limiting the access to personal data for persons authorised for it.

5.4. The platform has a technical possibility of the blocking of users not-following Regulations and the blocking of specific IP addresses in case of stating of breaking the law or Regulations.

5.5. The platform is using mechanisms of backing-up.

5.6. However, our efforts may prove insufficient if you do not comply with safety rules yourself. Especially, you should ensure that your login and password are safe.


6. Cookies Policy

6.1. The Company does not collect any data automatically during your use of the Platform, except for the content of cookies.

6.2. Cookies are small text files created by the Platform and stored on your computer, containing certain information related to your use of the Platform.

6.3. Cookies are used for the purpose of the Platform operation and providing you with relevant information.

6.4. You can at all times disable cookies installation or remove already existing cookies in the options section of your browser. In case of problems, please use the help section of your browser or contact your browser provider.

6.5.If you stay on our Platform and do not disable cookies installation, you agree to download them.

6.6. Our Platforms uses two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies:

a) Persistent cookies – on visiting the Platform, they are saved on the final device for the period determined in the cookies parameters or until they are removed by a user, which allows the user to be recognised and his preferences to be saved.

b) Session cookies – (temporary cookies) are temporary files, generated while browsing the Platform pages, stored until the end of a browser session (logging out, leaving the Platform or closing a browser). Without them, some applications and functions may not work correctly.

6.7. Cookies are used also by third party services integrated with the Platform, such us Google Analytics. We recommend you to read their Privacy Policy to get to know the rules on cookies files used in statistics.

6.8. If you don’t want the cookies to be saved on your computer, you should change your browser setting (art. 173 par.1 point 2 in connection with art. 173 par. 2 of Law on telecommunications). Setting that lets cookies to be used means you do agree for them.

6.9. You can at all times disable data transfer for Google Analytics by installing in your browser plugin:


7. Log files

7.1. Our server automatically downloads specifications of users, in particular: the used Internet protocol, IP of the device, operating systems, the type of the viewer, the number of visits and addresses of visited websites. This data is being used exclusively in order to administer the service and in order to assure the most efficient service of provided hosting services.

7.2.PBrowsed resources are being identified through URL addresses. Moreover subjects to recording are:

a) time of coming of the request,

b) time of sending the reply,

c) host name of the customer - identification by the HTTP protocol,

d) information about mistakes which took place at the completion of the HTTP transaction,

e) URL address of the page previously visited by the user (referrer link) - in case that the proceeding to the Service took place through the reference,

f) information about used browser,

g) Information about the IP address.

7.3. Above data isn't associated with specific persons using our Platform.

7.4. Above data can be used only for the purposes of the server administration.


8. Other Websites

8.1. Links to other websites can appear within the Platform from time to time (i.e. for advertising purposes).

8.2. Such other websites are operated independently of the Platform and are in no way supervised by it.

8.3. Such other websites may follow their own Privacy Policies, which we recommend to read each time.

8.4. The Company shall not be held liable for the rules of handling data by such other websites.


9. Using Facebook social plugins

The Platform contains links to Facebook services. You will be redirected to service’s page after clicking on appropriate symbol or the full name of service. After choosing the symbol "share" and a social website you can publish some event (e.g. search result) on this website. After clicking on the link being under the text "follow us" you can follow our activity on a given page. Every social website has its own Privacy Policy. The company does not affect collecting, processing or using data in these websites.


10. Final Provisions

10.1. To all matters not settled herein, the relevant provisions of the Polish law shall apply.

10.2. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy by publication of the new version on the Platform.


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