Detocell Aqua

Dietary supplement Capsules 30 capsules

Capsule shell ingredients (gelatin, blending agent – glycerol, colourants - titanium dioxide, patent blue; anti-caking agent - potassium aluminium silicate), soybean oil, borage oil, fish oil, nettle dry extract, centella dry extract (Centella asiatica), palm oil, coconut oil, stabiliser – yellow beeswax, emulsifier – soy lecithin, fucus dry extract.

Active principle

Daily intake 1 capsule

% RDI*

Fucus dry extract
(inlcuding iodine content)

10 mg
7,5 µg



Borage oil

200 mg


Centella dry extract (Centella asiatica)

100 mg


Fish oil 18/12 (EPA/DHA)

including: EPA

150 mg


27 mg
18 mg


Nettle root dry extract

150 mg


* Recommended Daily Intake

Properties and indications for use:

Detocell AQUA - food supplement - is indicated for women prone to getting cellulite and water retention, especially in the second phase of the menstrual cycle. Recommended as a dietary supplement providing ingredients which:

  • help eliminate excess water from the body (nettle)
  • improve metabolism (fucus) 
  • stimulate the development of dermal cells (fibroplasts) responsible for synthesising fibres ensuring skin elasticity (centella)


Fish oil is a natural source of unsaturated fatty acids of the Omega-3 group, and borage oil - of the Omega-6 group.

Fucus dry extract improves metabolism, regulates digestion, and facilitates body mass control.

Centella dry extract improves elasticity of connective tissue fibres by stimulating the development of fibroplasts - dermal cells responsible for synthesising fibres ensuring skin elasticity. It also promotes peripheral circulation and helps maintain proper venous circulation. It is responsible for tissue nutrition and oxygenation and disposal of waste products.

Nettle root extract helps get rid of excess fluid from the body, thus reducing oedema and puffiness. It supports kidney excretory function, helping eliminate excess fluid from the body and promotes a healthy urinary system.


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