Fluconazin 150 ml

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Drug Syrups and suspensions Bottle 150 ml
Prescription medical 10972

Fluconazole (Fluconazolum)


Vaginal yeast infection. Mucosal candidiasis involving the oral cavity, throat, oesophagus and the respiratory tract. Candiduria. Chronic candidiasis of the mucous membrane and the skin. Chronic atrophic candidiasis of the oral cavity (caused by wearing dentures). Multifocal candidiasis, generalised candidiasis, including  peritonitis, endocardial candidiasis, respiratory tract candidiasis, urinary candidiasis, and meningitis. Fungal skin infections: Athlete's foot, microsporia smooth skin, fungal groin infection, tinea versicolour. Cryptococcal meningitis, cryptococcosis transmitted into other areas (e.g. lungs, skin) Prevention against recurring cryptococcal meningitis in AIDS and HIV patients. Prevention of fungal diseases in patients with impaired immunity, malignant neoplastic diseases following chemio- or radiotherapy, during immunosuppressive therapy or neutropenia.




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