Hascoderm lipogel

Cosmetics Ointments and gels Tube 30 g

aqua, propylene glycol, azelaic acid, dimethicone, carbomer, lecithin, sodium hydroxide, disodium EDTA

State-of-the-art  liposomal drug delivery system

Properties and indications for use:

Hascoderm Lipożel is an advanced care gel for the treatment of acne and discolouration of the skin. Azelaic acid contained in the gel:

  • has an antibacterial effect, soothing acne lesions and sebum secretion
  • helps reduce post-inflammatory discolouration and pigmentation
  • lightens the overall skin tone

Instructions for use:

After cleansing the skin, apply a small amount of the gel on the affected or discoloured area, and rub gently. Avoid the areas around the eyes.  Use 2 times daily In the summer season a sun block should be worn at all times.

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