Dietary supplement Capsules 30 capsules


Active ingredients

Daily   intake

1- 2   capsules

% of Recommended   Daily Intake

thiamine (Vitamin B1)

1 - 2   mg

91 –   182 %

riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

1 - 2   mg

71 –   142 %


82.5 -   165 mg


extract of    Schisandra chinensis fruit

40 -   80 mg


artichoke extract

75 -   150 mg


extract from cardus marianus seeds



6.3 -   12.6 mg


5 - 10   mg


Liveran Complete is a combination of choline and plant components that:

  • support correct functioning of the liver
  • contribute to the protection of the liver (cardus marianus, Schisandra      chinensis)
  • support the liver in detoxication  and stimulate      digestion (artichoke, cardus      marianus)
  • support maintenance  of correct lipid levels, including among      others CHOLESTEROL and triglycerides      (artichoke)
  • contribute to the maintenance of correct lipid metabolism  (choline)

In addition, it contains vitamins B1 and B2.


Phospholipides contain choline: it is present in each cell as a component of the cell membrane. It helps maintain correct functioning of the liver and contributes to the correct fat metabolism.

Artichoke extract helps in correct functioning of the liver and supports detoxication. It assists in the maintenance of correct lipid levels in blood. Additionally, it contributes to correct functioning of the alimentary tract, stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and supports digestion. Cardus marianus extract containing sylimarin and Schisandra chinensis assist in correct functioning of the liver and contribute to the protection of the liver against such harmful factors as incorrect diet, stimulants and drugs. Cardus marianus supports detoxication and helps digest fatty and indigestible food.

Vitamin B1and B2 participate in correct energetic metabolism; additionally in addition vitamin B2 helps protect cells against oxidation stress (against harmful impact of free radicals).


Liveran Complete is recommended as a supplement of the diet, especially for people:

  • eating indigestible, fatty and lavish      meals
  • eating in a hurry, irregularly
  • whose livers are exposed to harmful      factors (among others stimulants, drugs)



1-2 tablets daily, to be taken after a meal.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

The product may not be applied as a substitute of diversified diet.

A sustainable feeding and healthy lifestyle are essential.

Application of the product by patients suffering from gall stones and nursing mothers requires medical advice.

This drug is not recommended for children and pregnant women.

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