MEMO SPEED kofeina

Dietary supplement Capsules 30 capsules


Active ingredient


Daily intake

(2 capsules)

phosphatidylcholine 35%


700 mg

dry extract of guarani seeds

(min. 10% of caffeine)


(8 mg  of caffeine)

160 mg

(16 mg  of caffeine)

dry extract of ginseng seeds
(min. 27% of ginsenosides)


30 mg


MEMO SPEED caffeine is an original formula of natural active ingredients: phosphatidylcholine and guarani and ginseng extracts.

MEMO SPEED Caffeine is recommended for professionals and students wishing to intensify their intellectual and physical efforts and to avoid impaired intellectual efficiency and overloading.

Phosphatidylcholine  is an important lecithin phospholipide. Lecithin is present in each cell, especially as a component of cellular membranes, among others nervous cells (neurons)  and in the brain and intracellular structures.

Standardized ginseng extract contains caffeine which stimulates and helps maintain the body’s physical and mental vitality. Caffeine has a positive impact on the concentration ability and intensifies vigilance. Caffeine has a positive impact on concentration and intensifies vigilance.

Standardized ginseng (Panax ginseng) extract contains biologically active compounds that strengthens and activates human physical and mental strength.  It has a beneficial impact on cognitive functions, concentration and memory, aiding human vitality.



Memo Speed Caffeine is recommended as a dietary supplement in the following conditions:

  • increased intellectual and physical activity
  • impaired concentration and association
  • impaired remembrance



Susceptibility to any ingredient of the preparation.

Due to the content ginseng. Preparation is not recommended for pregnant women and persons with high blood pressure. In the case of taking drugs, taking our product should be consulted with a physician. Product should not be taken by children.



1 tablet twice a day, to be taken after a meal.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

The product may not be applied as a substitute of diversified diet.

It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain sustainable feeding habits.

It is not recommended for children and pregnant women

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