Drug Capsules 30, 60 capsules
Without prescription medical 10650

1 soft capsule contains:
Muira puama wood dry extract (Extractum Muira Puama e lig. sicc, 93% of medium-glucose syrup, DER 100-250:1) 40mg
Chinese Schisandra dry extract (Extractum Schisandrae spir. sicc. (containing not less than 3% schisandrins, 30-50% of medium-maltodextrin DER 5-7:1) 40mg
Zinc monomethionine (Zinci monomethioninae containing not less than 18% zinc) 38mg
Saw Palmetto fruit oil extract (Serenoa repens fructus extractum , DER 6,5-9:1) 30mg
Guarana seed dry extract (Extractum Guaranae e sem. sicc,contains 10-12% caffeine, 30% medium-maltodextrin, DER 3-4:1) 30mg

Excipients biologically active: refined Soybean oil, Sorbitol, Glucose, Cochineal red.


The product is intended for use in men with erectile dysfunction caused by mild fatigue, leading a stressful life.


Hypersensitivity to any component of the product, especially Soybean oil.

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