Drug Oral drops, solution Bottle 35 g
Without prescription medical R/6695

100 g of solution contain:
Amara tinctura (1:5) ex: 25,0 g
Gentianae radice – 35 pcs.
Menyanthidis folio – 35 pcs.
Aurantii amari epicarpio et mesocarpio – 30 pcs.
extractant - Ethanol 70% (v/v)
Valerianae tinctura (1:5) 25,0 g
extractant - Ethanol 70% (v/v)
Menthae piperitae tinctura (1:20) 25,0 g
extractant - Ethanol 90% (v/v)
Hyperici tinctura (1:5) 25,0 g.
extractant - Ethanol 60% (v/v)

Ethanol content 67-72% (v/v)


Traditional herbal medicinal product used for indigestion and flatulence.



Hypersensitivity to any component of the product.

Not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

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