Ulgix baby

Medical device Other Bottle 40 g

1 metering pump contains 5mg of Simethicone

Properties and applications:

Ulgix baby contains Simethicone which reduces the surface tension of gas bubbles in the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, it facilitates the excretion of gases and relieves symptoms such as abdominal cramps and acute flatulence.

Ulgix baby is used:

  • To relieve symptoms associated with the accumulation of gas in the intestines, such as abdominal flatulence and cramps in infants.
  • During preparation of a patient before performance of a diagnostic test for abdominal ultrasound, X-ray and endoscopy to remove the foam, gas and air.

Instructions for use:

The product emulsion is administered orally.

1 product package is enough for 18 day-use with a daily intake of 80mg. 

Special pump allows precise dosing

Unscrew the polyethylene cap from the bottle, remove the retaining ring and screw metering pump. Then, by repeated pressing prepare the product dosing pump. Shake before each use.



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