Ulgix flatulence speed 160 mg

Medical device Other 8 sachets

1 sachet contains: 160 mg of Simethicone

Properties and applications:

Ulgix flatulence speed contains Simethicone, which has the ability to lower the surface tension of the mucus and gas bubbles found in the intestine. In this manner it facilitates the removal of gas accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract.

Ulgix flatulence speed ​​is used:

  • In order to reduce the symptoms associated with the accumulation of gas in the intestines, such as a feeling of fullness, flatulence, belching, “growling stomach".
  • To remove the air and gas before performing diagnostic tests of the abdominal cavity with radiological, ultrasound and endoscopic techniques.

Instructions for use:

The product in form of a powder is intended for oral administration directly onto the tongue, without necessity to be taken with a fluid.

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