VALUSED, soft capsules

Drug Capsules 30 capsules
Without prescription medical 8744

1 capsule contains:
60 mg of Valeriana officinalis L. sl. dry extract , redix (valerian root), including 99-100% of native extract (DER 3-4:1), extracting agent: ethanol 60% V/V;
40 mg of Humulus lupulus L. dry extract, flos (hop cone), including 69.5-100% of native extract (DER 5-4:1), extracting agent: methanol 30% V/V;
40 mg of Passiflora incarnata L. dry extract, herba (passiflora herb), including 25-50% of native extract (DER 2.7-4:1), extracting agent: ethanol 90% V/V;

Therapeutic Indications:

The product is used traditionally to relieve the symptoms of tension and anxiety (e.g. palpitations) relating to menopause, among others, and in the nervous exhaustion, hyperactivity and difficulties in falling asleep.
Alternatively, it is used for many vegetative neurosis symptoms such as stomach cramps and intestinal (abdominal) cramps, painful uterine contractions with nervous disorders.  The efficacy of the product results exclusively from the long-term use and experience.


Do not use the product:

  • in case of hypersensitivity to any of the active substances or excipients,
  • in case of intolerance to valerian,
  • in patients with rare hereditary fructose intolerance due to sorbitol content,
  • in case of hypersensitivity to peanuts or soya due to purified soybean oil content.



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