Scope of Services

We perform services which you expect


PPF Hasco-Lek works in accordance with European standards. Cooperating with us you can be certain of conformity of used methods, declarations, quality system testing as well as other production elements to restrict norms existing in European Union.

We pay attention to proper documents flow - as our partner you shall be updated on the particular production stages, while especially critical parameters shall be presented to you for approval. Cooperating with Hasco-Lek you will have a full insight and opportunity to influence the shape of the product.

Please find some of our services below:


  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Formulation development according to customer’s requirements
  • Re-formulation of existing products
  • Manufacturing process development
  • Manufacturing of trial, technological, pilot batches
  • Development and production consultation
  • Production process validation
  • Scale-up/technological transfer

Analytical services:

  • Development of analytical methods
  • Validation and revalidation of analytical methods
  • Quality control of API, bulk and finished products
  • Microbiological and physical-chemical testing
  • Stability testing in different climate conditions (ICH, ongoing)

Additional services:

  • Storage of product samples
  • Managing of the documents required for applications for market authorization


We are proud to show you our main certificates of provided services!

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